Hergestelltes Chaos in Europa

Migrants and refugees queue at a camp to register after crossing the Greek-Macedonian border near the town of Gevgelija on September 21, 2015.

US Using ‚Controlled Chaos‘ Strategy for Social Engineering in Europe


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Ekaterina Blinova
Major Migrant Crisis in Europe (417)

The worst enemies of the European civilization are those in power in Washington, London, and Brussels, Tony Cartalucci told Sputnik, commenting on the current refugee crisis spinning out of control in Europe.

Since 2007 Washington has been busy engineering the overthrow and destruction of established political regimes across the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, notes Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher Tony Cartalucci, adding that destitute refugees who are now storming European shores have become „pawns of war.“

„European civilization’s worst and most dangerous enemy are those currently in power in Washington, London, and Brussels. It was these special interests who intentionally created chaos across the MENA region, knowing full well the catastrophe it would precipitate not only for Africa and the Middle East, but for Europe and Eurasia,“ Tony Cartalucci told Sputnik.

According to the geopolitical researcher, US policymakers knew and planned the inevitable influx of refugees in Europe.

„It would be difficult to believe that any nation would wage war on another in the manner the United States has and not anticipate massive refugee crises resulting. What is more likely is that US policymakers knew and planned for the inevitable influx of refugees, essentially ‘weaponizing‘ them in an attempt to manipulate public perception and provoke long-sought after support for more direct military intervention in Syria against the government in Damascus, and wars even beyond Syria,“ Cartalucci underscored.

The geopolitical researcher called attention to the fact that both the US and Europe have worked for years with Turkey in order to create a sustainable flow of refugees not only from Syria but from across MENA and Central Asia.


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