US-PROPAGANDA: Europa muss stärker zusammenhalten und „westliche Werte“ verteidigen gegen die Doppelbedrohung „Russland“ und „Islam“

Carnegie Europe sendet eine finale Warnung an die EU und Deutschland

Die Propaganda-Webseite der USA, respektive des Außenministeriums, ‚Carnegie Europe‘ mit den zwei Hardlinern Dempsey und Techau ist ein übles Stimmungsblatt, aber es spiegelt wider, was in den USA, speziell bei den Executives des State-Department vor sich geht. Techau hat seine Warnung an der „neuen Strategie Deutschlands“ Frank-Walter Steinmeiers festgemacht und diese Strategie formvollendet zerrissen. Dempsey legt jetzt nach mit einer kurzen aber hoch-prägnanten Warnung an Deutschland und die EU.

Hier der Original-Text:

Posted by: Judy Dempsey   MARCH 26, 2015

Europe is confronting two major threats of very different proportions. The first is from the self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS. The second is from Russian aggression. Both threats have the potential to tear Europe apart in a way that could endanger its democratic, open, and tolerant values.

As it is, a strong, open, and vibrant Europe is in the interests of neither the Islamic State nor Russia, because Europe represents a way of life and a set of values that run contrary to both this jihadist group and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

For these very reasons, European governments should seize the opportunity to use these twin threats to cooperate over defense and security, immigration, and the integration of Muslim communities.
Just as importantly, European governments and the plethora of EU institutions should use these challenges to adopt a confident strategy to defend and explain the EU’s values to citizens inside and outside Europe.

This means reaching out as far as possible to civil society in Europe’s Eastern and Southern neighborhoods. It also means not turning a blind eye to the widespread human rights abuses taking place in Egypt and Azerbaijan, to name just two countries.
The threat to Europe’s democracy and stability from the Islamic State cannot be underestimated. The terror and havoc that the group’s militants are wreaking across the Middle East is forcing hundreds of thousands—if not millions—of people to flee. Just consider the chaos engulfing Libya, not to speak of Syria and Yemen.

Those fleeing such conflicts see Europe as a place of safety that can also offer some perspective of a new beginning. But the flow of refugees and increasing Islamophobia in Europe play into the hands of populist parties across the continent.

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